Chander Mohan FounderSince 1996, Creative Management Consultants has been delivering high-quality, result-oriented, customized and cost-effective training, consulting and coaching services to clients across the globe.

Lead by its founder Dr Chander Mohan, over 30000 people at all levels and from all types of organizations have benefitted from CMC training programs in personal, professional and executive development.

We have a strong track record of facilitating top management strategy retreats, experiential outdoor team building events, key note presentations, public seminars, consulting engagements and retainer-ships for business turnarounds. In partnership with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management and international collaborations, we offer the highest possible return and value on our clients’ investment.

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Saoud Al Amiri, HR Manager, Das Holdings
Thank you so much. I had lots of learning from this course (Strategic HR Planning & Management).  Special thanks to Mr. Chander.

Pratik Dasgupta, Customer Service Officer, Vodafone
During our Retail Sales Training, Sajini was really good and made the sessions enjoyable. I could easily understand everything. All my doubts were cleared. Thanks Sajini.


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